Questions from US. If you have answers, please provide.

What are the specifications of the pipeline itself and who is providing installation oversight?

How many pipelines are underneath Mobile River? How many pipelines are above the bridge?

Who is receiving the tar sands? Where is it going?

How many tank farms and where?

What are the principles in ARC?

If we succeed in re-routing pipeline, will a new public hearing be required? If so, we need to request it be held in Mobile, not Montgomery

Tell us more about Mobile Industrial Development Board promotion?

What about air quality? What are the emissions from the tank farms?

Has an archaeological assessment been done on the pipeline?

What is the volume by rail now? What is proposed once pipeline complete?

What is the history of leakage in these systems?



Questions raised post meeting

What is the potential danger of the train that carries the tar sand and what would be the evacuation range should a spill occur?

What is the purpose of the Alabama Public Service Commissioner?

Who owns the GMO terminal?

Can we change the rules of the PSC so they are required to notify local governments and have public meetings in the cities affected by their rulings?

Please create an email base to share updates from connie Hudson and the City/County officials as they learn what is happing regarding permitting and public hearings

Please explain a better distinction between the pipeline project to clarify path and course of action.

Would like a copy of Corps Nationwide permit.


One thought on “Questions from US. If you have answers, please provide.

  1. Mobile Asset Summary

    Chickasaw Terminal
    606,000 barrels
    18 spot rail spur
    Barge marine (un)loading
    Two bay truck rack
    Fuel Oil, Marine Diesel Fuel,
    Cutterstock, VTB’s, Crude tall
    oil & Black Liquor Soap

    Blakeley Terminal
    700,000 barrels
    Ship capable marine(un)loading
    Four bay truck rack
    Fuel Oil, Asphalt, Lube Oil,
    Crude Oil, & Re-refined oil

    Mobile Terminal
    1,200,000 barrels
    Ship capable marine
    26 spot rail spur (Transload)
    Multiple truck rack locations
    Fuel Oil, Crude Oil,
    Asphalts, emulsions &

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